All 3-month rates are based on a 3-month minimum contract, paid via post-dated cheques, Visa, or Mastercard. All 3-month Members receive 1 premium sample lotion and 20% off a full lotion per month with their purchase!

VIP Pass

One month unlimited tanning
One month unlimited whole body vibration
One hydration detox spa
One full body spray tan

Laydowns $85

Stand Ups $90

All Access $115

Spray Tan

Automated state of the art booth by Versa Spa. Flawless results every time!

Single Tan $40

3 tans $90

5 tans $125

Add a hydration spa for $15!

Hydration Detox Spa

Detoxify, hydrate, and repair

1 session $25

3 sessions $60

Fit Body Wrap

Burn 1400 calories in 1 hour
Loses inches, Reduces body fat, eliminates cellulite.

1 session $59

3 sessions $150

5 sessions $225

Whole Body Vibration

10 mins = 1 hour workout

1 month $30

3 month $69

Add to a tanning pass for just $15!

Teeth Whitening

Professional cosmetic teeth whitening by BeamingWhite. Sessions includes 3 15-minute treatments. Go 6 to 8 shades lighter in one treatment.

Call us for pricing.

Brow and Lashes and Nails