Qphoria Tanning Solutions for Everyone

We have both stand up booths and laydown beds for all your tanning needs.

Solar Force 648

12 Min. Max

48 x 180-Watt Bulbs

8 x 26-Watt shoulder tanning bulbs

4 x 400-Watt face tanning bulbs

Rejuvasun 332

Rejuvasun is a combination of tanning and a medical grade facial rejuvenation system that allows customers to body tan and rejuvenate the face at the same time.

Studies show 74% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and 84% improvement in skin smoothness and clarity.

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Suncapsule 220

11 Min. Max

54 x 220-Watt Bulbs

Get the Perfect Tan with this Six-Sided Unit

Extra Long Powerful Bulbs and a 22mph

Breeze Fan Keeps You Pleasantly Cool

Great for Those Wanting the Darkest Results Possible in the Least Amount of Time

Sundash Radius 252

12 Min. Max

52 x 200-Watt Bulbs

Over 6.5 Feet of Tanning Power

Delivers a Beautiful, Even Tan for Even the Tallest of Customers

Suncapsule VHR

12 Min. Max

54 x 160-Watt Bulbs

The VHR Converts the 160 Watt into a Powerful 180-Watt Intensity

A Richer Darker Tan in About Half the Time it Takes in an Average Laydown

Perfect for the Time Crunched Customer

Tanning Lotions

Optimize your tanning sessions with our wide variety of indoor tanning lotions. Our skin reflects up to 60% of UV rays, but our specially formulated tanning lotions allow for more absorption, resulting in a deeper darker tan in less time!

  • Maximize the absorption of UV Light
  • Tropical oils hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin tans faster and retains your tan longer
  • Anti-aging and skin firming ingredients work to keep skin looking young and smooth
  • Mineral and vitamin rich lotions nourish the skin leaving it more radiant
  • All lotions contain varying levels of bronzers and accelerators

“Tingle,” or “hot lotions” are not for the beginner tanner—they work by putting more oxygen into the skin. Oxygen combined with UV light results in darker than ever before colour!

We carefully research and test our lotion selection to give you the best of the best, from just $20.00 and up. There is no reason to be tanning without a lotion!

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VersaSpa Spray Tanning at Qphoria!

Qphoria uses the VersaSpa spray tan system simply because it’s the best equipment on the market. This unique skincare system combines innovation after innovation to transform your skin in just minutes.

One session in the Versa Spa and you’ll understand why—it bronzes, hydrates, and smooths fine lines and imperfections. Customize your tan by selecting your shade. Applies the perfect sunless tan every time!

Visit us to learn how to use the VersaSpa Spray Tanning booth and to see it in action!

All Sunless Tans include:

Pre-Sunless, PH Balanced Conditioner
Sunless Skin Bronzer
Antiaging Skin Moisturizer